Tod Chernikoff

Al Minnick, MLS, MA, and CRM candidate is a Regulatory Information Specialist with the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) in the Records Management Staff business unit. He is presently developing a records management taxonomy known as the Comprehensive File Plan for CBER.

Al has over thirty years of records management experience. He has  thirteen years experience strictly in federal archives, records and information management both as an employee and as a contractor. He also has another twelve years experience in archival management for museums, and local, county (Borough) & state archival records in Wyoming, Oregon and  Alaska. He also has another seven years of experience as the Records and Archives Manager for one of the world's largest non-profit research institutions.

Al is looking forward to coordinating the Capital Chapters' ARMA related activities and representing these chapters at Mid-Atlantic Region Conferences and ARMA International Conferences. He is ready for the many challenges but also several opportunities in serving the greater Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area as well as the under-served state of West Virginia.